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Immunizations (also called vaccinations or shots) are an important part of a child's health and well being. They allow children to resist catching a number of very serious or fatal diseases.

  • Without immunizations, children can catch contagious diseases that cause high fevers, severe coughing, choking, breathing problems, seizures, brain damage or even death.
  • When children get their immunizations on time, the chances of getting these diseases is very small.
  • Immunizations need to be started at birth and the primary series should be completed by the time the child is 2 years old.
  • The law in many states, including Texas, will not allow a child to start school until they have been immunized.
  • Immunizations are available free or at a very low cost in a number of pediatrician's offices, community health clinics and local health departments.
Immunizations are safe. Reactions may occur, but they are usually mild. Serious reactions are rare. However, if a child gets one of these dangerous childhood diseases, the risks are much greater than those of a serious reaction from an immunization.
For additional information about the vaccines listed above, please visit the National Immunization Program Home Page at or call the National Immunization Hotline at 800-232-2522 (English) or 800-232-0233 (Spanish).