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Student Health Information

  1. All students enrolled at The University of North Texas Health Science Center must have health insurance in effect at the time of each registration. INSURANCE POLICIES MUST REMAIN IN EFFECT THROUGHOUT ENROLLMENT.
  2. Student health fees do not cover health care charges for spouses and/or dependents. Health insurance coverage of spouses and/or dependents is optional. Any health care charges incurred within the Health Science Center system by student's spouse or dependents will be the responsibility of the student or student ' s family. 
  3. Primary health care services are available at Student/Employee Health Services in the Student Health Clinic in the Center for BioHealth, 3400 Camp Bowie, suite 113.

Monday and Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Closed for Lunch:

Mon. and Tues: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Wed, Thurs, Fri.: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

  Appointments can be made by calling 817-735-5051
After Hours
On weekends call 817-735-2228 and ask for the physician on call.
In case of an Emergency, please go to the nearest hospital

 Students are seen by appointment.

 4. Acute care visits are available but every effort should be made to schedule, even if you wish to be seen the same day . Scheduling will allow time to retrieve your medical record prior to your arrival and to make sure that there is a provider available. If it is determined your problem needs immediate attention, you will be seen immediately.

5. The Student Health Clinic is a full service family practice clinic offering care to the entire family which includes well child care, well woman and well man exams, minor surgical procedures and management of chronic illnesses. PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE IS EMPHASIZED BY THE FAMILY PRACTICE FACULTY WHO PROVIDE YOUR CARE.

6. All professional services at Student Health Services will be provided to students at no cost above the student health fee. Any bills inadvertently received by the student for these services should be presented to the supervisor.

7. Services, other than professional, will be billed according to the fee schedule in place for this institution. This includes, but is not limited to, specialty visits, lab charges, durable goods, and injectable medicines. 

8. Use of Health Science Center clinics other than Student Health Clinic will require a referral . Charges incurred will be the students' responsibility. Fees will be in accordance to specific insurance plans.

9. Provider referral must be obtained in order to receive lab services. Deviation from this policy may result in charges not covered by health insurance plans. The student will be responsible for the costs of lab services not covered by insurance.

10. Students who choose the MEGA Life group insurance company health plan must use the Health Science Center Student Health Services as their primary care provider (PCP). The PCP must approve referrals.

11. Students will be responsible for the cost of all immunizations. Tuberculosis skin testing will be done at no charge. The following are vaccinations that are required for attendance at the Health Science Center. Completion of vaccination or written proof of vaccination or immunity must be provided at the time of enrollment.

  •   MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) 2 doses. Must complete the series or provide written proof of vaccination or immunity (titers that indicate immunity of all three ). All students.
  •   Hepatitis B series - 3 doses (initial, 1 month, and 6 months). Must complete series or provide written proof of immunity (hepatitis B antibody titer >10). It is important to keep these vaccinations on schedule. Medical, PA, and graduate students.
  •   Td (adult tetanus/diptheria). Written proof of vaccination within the past 10 years. All students.
  •   Varicella - 2 doses (initial and 4-8 weeks) unless given before the age of twelve. Must complete series or provide written proof of immunity (varicella titer). Childhood history of chickenpox is sufficient if written proof submitted from provider or parent for graduate and public health students. Medical and PA students must have proof of the vaccination or the varicella titer. History of disease is not sufficient.
  •   PPD (skin test for pulmonary tuberculosis). TB skin testing will be done upon admission for all students and annually for medical and PA students . If you have had a positive PPD or have been treated in the past for a positive PPD or active TB disease, provide written proof of PPD test results, chest x-ray and treatment (if any) received. BCG vaccine does not eliminate the need for skin testing or follow-up treatment . There is no charge for PPD testing. Follow-up for positive skin tests will be directed by Student/Employee Health and will be the financial responsibility of the student.
  •   Other vaccinations that are not required for admission may also be obtained at Student Health Services. Recommended but not required are the hepatitis A vaccine (2 doses), influenza (offered annually at no cost), pneumococcal, and meningitis (students living in dorms).

12. Students wishing to receive health care outside of the Health Science Center Student Health Services will be responsible for all arrangements for payment of charges. Specific terms are the responsibility of the student to negotiate. Student Health Services and the Student Affairs Office will not be responsible for the negotiation of any discounts.

To schedule an appointment with Student Health Services or for any questions regarding immunizations or health care visits please contact:

Student/Employee Health Services
Family Practice 
3400 Camp Bowie, Suite 113
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Linda Ball, DO, Medical Director


Fax 817-735-2099