Discovery Centers


An open innovation initiative at the UNT Health Science Center.

Two laboratory spaces located in the Center for BioHealth, CBH-201, and the Research and Education building, RES-208, are available to:
  • provide shared laboratory space for young researchers and clinical faculty members
  • make available supplemental instrumentation for researchers who don’t otherwise have access to critical capabilities
  • offer laboratory access to entrepreneurs and start-up companies enrolled in the UNT Health Science Center’s Acceleration Lab Program.

A listing of the larger pieces of equipment present in each Center can be found in the table below. Details of the capabilities of some of these pieces can be found using the appropriate link in the navigation pane on the left of the page. However for more information or to discuss the specific capabilities of each lab as they might apply to your research needs, please feel free to contact the Discovery Center Manager who will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Discovery Center Manager:
Katrina Gordon, PhD
Division of Research & Innovation
University of North Texas Health Science Center
3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard, CBH-201 
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 735-5127

Interested UNT Health Science Center members can download access forms here. Once completed, these forms can be returned to the Discovery Center Manager in CBH-201 for review. Interested Companies can begin the process to access the Discovery Centers by joining the UNT Health Science Center Acceleration Lab commercialization program by contacting Darlene McMillin, (, (817) 735-5147).

The Discovery Centers have also been featured on TechTalk, an online radio talk show for Texas Technology Entrepreneurs. To listen to the show click here.

Equipment Present in Each Lab Space:

CBH 201 RES 208
Agitation New Brunswick Bio Dancer; Corning Stirrer; PC3 L&R Bath Sonicator Labnet Reciprocal 30 plate rotator; Precision Model 25 shaking waterbath; Fisher Isotemp stirrer
Autoclave New Brunswick AC-48 in lab Open-use nearby
Balance Mettler AG204 Analytical Balance; Sartorius 1409 Benchtop Balance Scout Pro
Biosafety Cabinet Labconco Purifier Delta Series Class II Biosafety Cabinet, 4ft., vacuum ready NuAire Class II Type A.B3, 6ft., vacuum ready
Centrifugation Eppendorf 5810R; Fisher Centrific 225; Hettich MIKRO 200 Beckman J2-21M; Eppendorf 5424; VWR Galaxy mini
Chromatography HPLC system with UV-Vis detector and fraction collector -
Electrophoresis - Power supplies, vertical and horizontal cells and casting supplies
Electroporator Biorad Gene PulserXcell with PC module -
Heating Hot plate and heating block Hot plate with stirrer and heating block
Incubation Jouan IG050 stacked Water Jacketed CO2 incubators; Lauda RM6 Low Temperature Thermostat Labnet Mini Incubator; Thermo Precision incubator; NuAire DH Autoflow Air Jacketed CO2 incubator; Precision 280 Series waterbath; Precision Model 25 shaking waterbath
Lyophilizer Virtis Freezemobile 25EL -
Microscopy Olympus 1X70- Digital imaging, Fluorescence, and Phase Contrast;

Nikon Eclipse TE2000-U- Digital imaging, Fluorescence, and Differential Interference Contrast
Nikon Phase Contrast 2
PCR ABI Prism 7000 SDS, Eppendorf Mastercycler Gradient, PCR Cabinet and Crosslinker -
Plate Readers Molecular Devices: SpectraMAX Gemini, SpectraMAX plus, VersaMAX Molecular Devices SpectraMAX 340pc, SpectraMAX GeminiXS, Meso Scale Discovery SECTOR® Imager 2400
Plate Washer StatFax-2600 Bio-Tek ELX405R
Refrigeration Double door cooler with NIST traceable, alarm capable thermometer Refrigerator/Freezer
Spectrophotometer Molecular Devices SpectraMAX plus Amersham Biosciences Ultrospec 2100pro
Freezers -20°C and -80°C -80°C
Miscellaneous Bunsen Burner; Drying Oven; Glassware;  Osmometer; pH meter with Conductivity/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity probe and ATC;  Pipet-aid; Vortex  Bunsen Burner; Glassware; Microwave; Transilluminator; pH meter, Pipet-aid; Vortex

A downloadable document containing a list of the available equipment in each lab which can be used for grant submission can be found here.

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This page last updated 12th Jan 2015