Budget Development

FY 2014

FY 2014 Budget Development Process

Each VP/Dean will receive an electronic copy of their budget information for their area. Within this packet, the FY 2014 baseline budget by Dept ID will be provided, along with a position roster and detailed instructions. Departments should work with their respective VP/Dean to prepare their budgets using the electronic templates provided by the Budget Office to make any budget/staffing changes. These files will be used during the budget consolidation and finalization phase.

The Budget Office staff will be available to assist and answer your questions. Final budget submissions are due back to the Budget Office by Friday, June 7th.

The budget results will be sent back to each VP for approval.

Please direct all questions to Gail Hebert, Associate Director, Budget Office, at 817-735-0197.

FY 2014 Budget Development Timeline

Monday, May 20:
Final numbers from the Legislature

Monday, May 20 to Thursday, May 23:
UNT Health Department Budget Review Hearings

Thursday, May 23:
Budget Development Books/Templates distributed to Executive Team/VP's/Deans

Friday, June 7:
Department Budget Templates due back to the Budget Office

Friday, June 7 to Friday, June 21:
Budget Office review, consolidation and finalization of Budget (adjustments made as necessary after receiving final numbers)

Tuesday, June 25:
Final Budget submitted to UNT System

Early July:
Final Budget document sent to VP's/Deans with budget totals by area

Mid July:
Final FY 2014 All Funds Budget submitted for Quarterly Board Meeting
Off-Cycle Regents Finance Committee Meeting of the Board of Regents

Consolidated UNTHSC Budget presented to the UNT Board of Regents for final approval

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