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rome team

(l-r: Kim Hankins, Kaily Owens, Dr. John Bowling,
Jennifer De La Fuente, Ana Luz Chiapa-Scifres)

dr bowlingcrop

John R. Bowling, DO, FACOFP dist.
Assistant Dean of Rural Medical Education/Professor

Dr. Bowling is both an educator and program developer.
He teaches in the classroom as well as works to perfect and expand
the rural medical education program.  He is also an advocate in the field and
serves on many levels advocating for the osteopathic profession.


Kimberly Hankins, MSW
Rural Community Assistant Director


(817) 735-0186

Kim is responsible for placing our student doctors in
rural clinical rotations throughout the state of Texas. She ensures that
the physicians are of the highest caliber and take pride in their teaching
efforts. Kim also provides credentialing information to hospitals who
assist in educating our student doctors.


Ana Luz Chiapa-Scifres, MS, MPH
Research Assistant Director


(817) 735-2354

Ana Luz guides student doctors in their community research
projects ensuring that they learn to respond to their communities’ needs
and at the same time
produce a scholarly paper. For our overall
program, she links the data we collect from our student doctors, preceptors,
and other sources to the stories that this information tells about our
shortcomings and our success.

kailydr bowlingcrop

Kaily Owens, BS
Executive Assistant


(817) 735-2275

Kaily is responsible for working with the year 1 and year 2 Rural Scholars.
She manages budgetary concerns and facilitates the
successful implementation of overall ORMED operations.


Jennifer De La Fuente, AAS
Senior Administrative Associate


(817) 735-2442

Jennifer is responsible for helping to make 3rd and 4th year
rural clerkships happen without a glitch. There is a mound of documentation
involved in linking a student doctor with a preceptor – Jennifer makes sure
all that paperwork is accurate and timely. As our favorite technology guru, she
gently nudges the rest of us to make better use of current technology.


Andrea Bennett
Project Coordinator


(817) 735-2360



A. Clifton Cage, DO
Associate Professor - Medical Education

Dr. Cage is engaged in course development, classroom
instruction for
year 1 and year 2 student doctors.
He also serves as a mentor
for all rural scholar students.






Gerald Friedman, DO
Assistant Professor - Medical Education

Dr. Friedman is in charge of the simulation laboratory and
assists in instruction of specific procedural skills.



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