Center for Community Health

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Partnering with Communities to Eradicate Health Disparities

Our Mission

The Center for Community Health partners with communities through research and education to eradicate health disparities, increase capacity for prevention, and create sustainable solutions.

Our Vision

Advancing health equity through partnerships that foster healthy, vibrant communities.

Who We Are

The Center for Community Health at the University of North Texas Health Science Center was created in 2007 as a joint venture with the Foundation for Community Empowerment's McDonald Williams Institute. The Williams Institute moved to the University of Texas at Dallas in 2008 to later become the Institute for Urban Policy Research, and the Center for Community Health became autonomous at UNTHSC. In 2009, the Health Institutes of Texas (HIT) were created as the as the research infrastructure of UNTHSC, and the Center for Community Health became part of the newly-formed Texas Prevention Institute.

Our team includes:

  • Faculty affiliates from various UNTHSC departments
  • Project management and coordination staff
  • Associate Director that oversees project staff
  • Center Director that is also a Chair in the School of Public Health
  • Oversight Boards that oversee specific community-based research projects
  • Community Advisory Board with representatives from public health, hospital, and community organizations

What We Do

To partner with us in any of the following activities, please submit a request to

  1. Outreach and Partnerships: We actively engage in a range of collaborations to facilitate partnerships and identify opportunities for synergy with community organizations, public health departments, hospitals, public officials, and grassroots groups.
  2. Community Education: We conduct presentations on community-academic research, Community-Based Participatory Research 101, and other topic-specific workshops upon request.
  3. Technical Assistance: We support our community partners in survey development, methodology consultations, and brokering partnerships.
  4. Community-Based Research: We are funded through the CDC, NIH, CPRIT, and private foundations to conduct community-based research in a variety of health areas, including alcohol, asthma, infant mortality, HIV, and cancer prevention.
  5. Program Evaluation: We contract with community and university partners to engage in program evaluation at both local and state levels.
  6. Coalition Building: We foster the growth of coalitions that can nurture and sustain community capacity to address community health issues.
  7. Policy Analysis: The Center for Community Health facilitates interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research through research briefs, policy analysis, and white papers.

Our Values

At the heart of every endeavor of the Center for Community Health is the concept of health equity through community empowerment.  Broadly defined, a community encompasses not only geographic areas, but also social, religious, political, and economic alliances. It is through these alliances that members derive a sense of belonging from one or more shared characteristics. Empowerment is the ability of a community to gain control and generate positive changes in individual lives and their environments. It is through community empowerment that we hope to sustain health equity for especially vulnerable populations.

We hope you will visit our page often to learn more about our projects in and see how the Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach to research can make a difference in the lives of our communities. 

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This page last updated 11th Mar 2014