Conference 2014

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Elaine R Mardis - NGS: The Disruption of Genomics and Medicine

Christopher I Amos - Genetic and Environmental Effects in Health Disparities

Tesfaye B Mersha - Role of Genomics and Environment in Childhood Asthma in African Americans

Joshua C Denny - The PREDICT Program: Implementing prospective pharmacogenetics for inpatient and outpatient care

Rebekah Ryanne Wu - Family Health History Risk Assessment in the context of Health Disparities

Alanna Kulchak Rahm - Gaining Perspective: Issues and Potential Barriers from Other Populations

Barbara Koenig - Interventions Targeted by "Race" in Translational Genomics: Should we be concerned?

Jennifer K Wagner - Genomics in Sports Medicine

Avni B Santani - Challenges and Opportunities in Clinical Genomics

The 9th Annual Conference on Health Disparities was held May 29-30, 2014 at the UNT Health
Science Center. The overall theme for the conference was “The Role of Genomics in Eliminating Health

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