General Information

Frequently Asked Questions about the Practice Experience
Student Manual 5397

The following items must be completed before beginning the Practice Experience

Confidentiality Agreement
Photographic Consent and Release Form
CITI (IRB) Training NOTE: You will need to complete the Social-Behavioral Section. Select Question 1 Human Subjects Research Social-Behavioral modules. Do NOT select the Refresher Module in Question 2. The Refresher Module is NOT the correct training.
HIPPA Training NOTE: This training will be done through Blackboard. You will need to select the course titled: Compliance Training -HIPPA Privacy Training for SPH Students. You will need to be enrolled in this training. More details regarding this will be on the iWebfolio.
Professional Behavior Training
Agency Information Form
Competency to Activity Form

You will need to write a Practice Experience Goal Summary paragraph and upload the document to this page of your portfolio prior to beginning your Practice Experience.

Your summary should include the following information.

  • Identify your practice experience goal.
  • How will you be using the knowledge that you have attained in the classroom toward achieving these goal.
  • How does your goal align with your department competencies?
  • How do you view the role of your practice experience toward achieving your career goal?


The following items are for your reference during the Practice Experience

Poster Template Your poster must match the template. You must have the UNTHSC School of Public Health logo on the upper left corner of the page, the color must not change on the headings, and it must be in the 4 column format. You can change the location of the headings and the word in the headings.
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