Community Garden

community garden

The UNTHSC Sustainability Committee founded a committee to begin and manage a community garden here on campus at the request of many people here on campus.  The committee has been laying the ground for the garden, and we will launch its first season in spring 2014. 

What is a Community Garden?

According to the American Community Garden Association, a community garden is "any piece of land gardened by a group of people" (ACGA link).  They vary in scope, location, and what they grow.  For example a community garden can:

  • Be located just about anywhere (urban, rural, suburban)
  • Grow a variety of vegetation (vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc.)
  • Be individual or communal plots
  • Be owned and operated by all types of organizations such as schools, universities, neighborhoods, hospitals and churches

Benefits of a Community Garden?

Community gardens have numerous benefits depending on the goal and scope of each garden.  Benefits include:

  • Promoting health and wellness
  • Providing a sense of community
  • Educating people about food production and nutrition
  • Serving the community through food donation
  • Beautifying spaces and reducing the heat island effect (occurs in build environments where the temperature is higher than in rural surroundings)

Contact Us

To learn how you can be involved or specific questions about the garden, please contact Betsy Friauf, Garden Coordinator.

To donate supplies or monetary support or for general questions, please contact Sandy Bauman, Sustainability Coordinator. 

This page last updated 06th Mar 2014