Geriatrics Grand Rounds

Monthly Geriatrics Focused Grand Rounds

Noon-1 pm CST UNTHSC Campus LIB-110

1/26/2011 Hormones and Aging, Meharvan Singh, PhD, UNTHSC

2/09/2011  Ethics

2/23/2011 Delirium, Heidi Davanloo, MD, UNTHSC

3/23/2011 Transitions of Care Revisited, Amy Moss, DO

4/27/2011 Frailty and Falls? What Can We Do in Our Practice, Carla Herman, MD, MPH

5/25/2011 The Geriatrics Syndrome of Falls, Edmund Duthie Jr.,  MD

6/22/2011 Chest Pain in the Patient with End Stage Lung Disease, Alvin Mathe' DO

8/24/2011 Geriatrics Topic,

9/28/2011 Geriatrics Topic,

10/26/2011 Geriatrics Topic,

11/2/2011 Geriatrics Topic,

12/7/2011 Geriatrics Topic,

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