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Ms Thelma Swindell, SAGE Mentor & Standardized Patient Volunteer.

"SAGE has provided students with a rare and meaningful opportunity.  Through this experience I have had the occasion to meet a wonderful mentor, Ms. Swindell who has been enriching to both my medical education and my personal life.  Remarkably, this is an experience that I was given within the first semester of my medical education.  There are many physicians who will practice in the evolving world of the aging baby boomer generation who have never been exposed to such a situation, and to have this chance as a mere first year student is unparalleled.  We are encouraged to get to know our client on a person basis, as a physician would with his patients.  I count myself extremely lucky to be given this amazing opportunity, and I look forward to the remainder of the program for it is truly one of the most rewarding experiences a budding medical student could receive."

Kara Stoudt, 2nd Year Student Doctor


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