NEW Guidelines

IACUC Procedures

This page is under construction...please check back for new information!

New IACUC procedures and guidelines will be posted here as they become approved.  Please reference the old IACUC Policy Manual for any procedure not listed here.

Animal Care and Welfare

Acclimation Periods

Food and Water Restriction

Housing Animals Outside the Vivarium for >12 Hours

IACUC Guidelines on Reporting Serious Noncompliance to OLAW  (new)

Incoming Animals/Quarantine

Humane Endpoints

Pain and Discomfort

Prolonged Physical Restraint

Reporting and Investigation of Concerns Involving the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals 

Scoring Endpoints in Tumor Studies for Rats and Mice

Veterinary Care

Animal Housing and Breeding

Breeding Rodents at UNTHSC

Minimum Housing Space Requirements for mice used for Breeding Purposes

Animal Use Procedures

Anesthesia and Analgesia

Analgesics in Laboratory Animals 

Anesthesia in Laboratory Animals 

Avertin Use in Mice

Animal Procedures

Animal Transfer Procedures

Blood Collection Guidelines (NEW 12/2014) 

Animal Transport

Hazardous Materials Used in Animals 

Carcass Disposal

Recommendations for Substance Administration (NEW 9/2014)

Rodent Surgery

Tail Biopsy of Mice and Rats

Using Rodent Pups for Research (Revised March 2015)


Euthanasia Guidelines

Guillotine Maintenance (Revised Oct. 2014)

IACUC Processes

IACUC Roles and Responsibilities

Guidelines for Pilot Studies

Post-Approval Monitoring

Protocol Submission

Expedited Protocol Procedures

Protocol Submission Process

Protocol Maintenance

Amendments to Approved Protocols (Revised Oct. 2014)

Annual Review of Protocols

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health Program

Sharps Disposal

Q Fever  (new)

Substances and Materials Used in Animals

Expired Medical Materials at UNTHSC

Use of Non-Pharmaceutical-Grade Compounds in Animals


Personnel Training for Research Staff

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