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The Governmental Public Health Practice Award

The Governmental Public Health Practice Award seeks to further the mission of the TPHTC by giving students
the opportunity to have applied experience in the public health system. The TPHTC Governmental Public
Health Practice Award is the first internship program of its kind. This 200 hour, paid ($2400 stipend) internship
will provide interns with the experience necessary to excel in public health departments following graduation.
The goals of this program are:

• To enable students to be prepared for careers in health departments through applied opportunities
• To expose students to career opportunities in governmental public health
• To orient interns to the practice, policies and skills necessary to thrive in the public sector
• To assist governmental public health in recruiting qualified candidates

Interns will have direct experience in various divisions of county and regional health departments. Each intern
will be supervised and mentored by an experienced public health professional. Students will also have the
opportunity to interact with other professionals in the field. Since the internship satisfies the practicum
requirement, each intern will be responsible for finding their own practicum and completing a final project
that has been approved by their supervisor and the TPHTC. Students are encouraged to contact their academic
institution for specific academic requirements.


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Please direct questions to: Nuha Lackan, 817.735.5023

This page last updated 14th Aug 2013