TCOM Orientation

TCOM Orientation Information


Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (TCOM)

Orientation Dates

TCOM Class of 2018 Orientation Dates: July 14th-July 18th. 

Immunization Requirements

Immunization requirements for ALL UNTHSC students can be found here. Additionally, Tuberculosis Testing (PPD) is provided annually through the Student Health Clinic Personnel.

White Coat Ceremony

All incoming DO, DPT, and PA students must attend.  Please click here for more information on White Coat Ceremony and click here to submit your white coat size.


UNT Health Science Center has an Online Bookstore for students to purchase textbooks.  If you are looking to purchase new or used textbooks, please visit:

Additional offerings include Digital Textbooks and specially priced Microsoft and Adobe software. 

UNT Health Science Center and Alumni Association merchandise are also available for purchase through the Online Bookstore.  Shop the website to purchase a t-shirt, car decal or coffee mug! 

Required HIPAA & CITI Training

All incoming TCOM students need to complete HIPAA Training.  HIPAA Training will be available for completion during the week of orientation.  Instructions on how to complete this training will be communicated via email.

All incoming TCOM students are required to complete CITI training prior to New Student Orientation. Be prepared to turn in your CITI training certificate of completion during New Student Orientation. Click here for more information regarding required trainings.

Background Checks

As a new TCOM student, you are required to complete a criminal background check prior to New Student Orientation. You will receive an email that instructs you on how to complete the background check. Click here to view the email notification.  Please do not attempt to complete the background check until you receive the email. 

If you need assistance locating your Student ID Number, please click here for instructions.   

Note: You will not have access to the site to submit your background check until you have been officially accepted into the TCOM program. 


All incoming TCOM students will receive a laptop as part of your $2000.00 course fee. Your laptop will be distributed during New Student Orientation. Technology Bundle coming soon!

Medical Equipment

The following list is required medical equipment for incoming TCOM students:

  • Stethoscope
  • B.P. Cuff
  • Reflex hammer or neurologic hammer
  • Tuning fork -- 512 HZ & 128 HZ
  • Diagnostic kit (includes otoscope and ophthalmoscope; panoptic ophthalmoscope recommended, otoscope should have a bulb for insufflations)

As a convenience, Welch Allyn will be on-campus with equipment available for purchase during New Student Orientation. Students are not required to purchase equipment from Welch Allyn, but should be prepared to purchase equipment the week of New Student Orientation as that it will be delivered in time for class use.

Alternatives are available at such websites as


Pre-Matriculation workshops are not required but are highly recommended for incoming TCOM students. The workshops generally take place during the two weeks prior to New Student Orientation. The website for the Pre-Matriculation courses- Click HERE!

The full schedule, workshop descriptions, pricing and registration information will be available on the website.

Registration                                                                                                                                                                                                                  You do not need to register for your classes. TCOM students are placed in their classes each semester.

TCOM Advisory College Information

The Advisory College Program is a mentoring network designed to promote greater interaction between faculty and students at TCOM.  Each college serves as a learning community where faculty advisors facilitate curricular and co-curricular activities to develop skills which will aid medical students as future physicians.

As part of the program, medical students are placed into one of six colleges within TCOM where faculty members serve as advisors and mentors.  Each college will work with students on activities to promote professionalism, wellness and professional development through one-on-one and group meetings.

Please visit the Advisory College website for more information:

Admissions Office

Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
University of North Texas Health Science Center
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Phone: 817-735-2204
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