Women's Health

The Health Science Center houses a unique, interdisciplinary program to address the specific needs of women's health issues - FOR HER, a collaborative women's health center designed to meet the health care needs for women of all ages and cultures through research, education, patient care and community engagement.

FOR HER engages researchers and health professionals who bridge the gap from the bench (basic research), to the bedside (clinical practice) and into our community. Issues studied hold the key to improving the health of mothers, wives, daughters and sisters.

FOR HER's research includes:

  • cancer
  • biology of menopause and hormone therapy
  • pregnancy outcomes including infant mortality
  • postpartum/perinatal depression

In addition to research, FOR HER sponsors numerous educational events and community seminars that focus on addressing critical issues in women's health and stress, preventive measures and management of women's health problems. The community, healthcare providers and public health professionals collaborate with federal, state and local government entities to educate healthcare providers and the community.

Ongoing Research within FOR HER addresses the following diseases/disorders:

  • Breast cancer
    Health professionals within FOR HER are studying the causes of breast cancer and are available to discuss effective means of prevention and treatment.
  • Cervical cancer
    Health professionals at FOR HER are available to discuss effective ways to prevent, detect and treat cervical cancer.
  • Perinatal depression
    FOR HER is researching perinatal depression. FOR HER clinical providers are available to treat perinatal depression.
  • Hormones and brain function
    Researchers within FOR HER are investigating hormone biology to gain better insight into the consequences of menopause and development of safer and more effective therapeutic options for women going through the menopausal and postmenopausal periods.
  • Pregnancy outcomes
    FOR HER is working with the Tarrant County Infant Mortality Network (TCIMN) to address the community health issues that lead to infant mortality through clinical care, education and research.

For more information about the Tarrant County Infant Mortality Network call 817-534-0814.

For more information about the Texas Center for Health Disparities, visit http://www.hsc.unt.edu/research/tpi/healthdisparities/.

This page last updated 13th Sep 2013