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Meet Your 2012-2013 PA Alumni Society Leaders

bastible clint

Clint Bastible, MPAS, MPAS, PA-C (Class of 2005)

kindler karen

Immediate Past President
Karen Kindler, PA-C (Class of 1999)

President-Elect - Open Position

Board Members

Stan Kotara, PA-C, Past President (Class of 2001)
David Gonzales, BSPA, PA-C, Past President (Class of 2000)
Lisa Hogan Moody, BSPA, PA-C (Class of 1999)
Tonya Khan, PA, MPAS (Class of 2004)
Jacqueline Beeler, PA, MPAS (Class of 2008)
America McGuffee, PA (Class of 2010)
Sharon Natasha Cha, PA (Class of 2005)
Russell Smith, PA (Class of 2008) Volunteer


*If you are interested in one of the open positions, please contact the Alumni Office at (817) 735-2278 or*

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