TCOM Alumni Association

The mission of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine Alumni Association is to provide leadership and promote unity among the membership, build financial strength and demonstrate pride in tradition.

Meet Your 2012-2013 TCOM Alumni Association Leaders

stanczak ava

Ava Stanczak, DO, 1983
Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine

 Not Pictured

Vice President
Dr. Alan Brewer, DO, 1987
Family Medicine
Faucett, MO

wiseman rodney

Immediate Past President

Rodney Wiseman, DO 1978
Family Medicine
Whitehouse, Texas 

Board of Directors

John Wright, DO 1984
Family Medicine
Longview, Texas

Stephen Laird, DO 1978
General Surgery
Kirksville, MO

David Garza, DO 1989
Family Medicine
Laredo, Texas

Tony Hedges, DO 1991
Family Medicine
Littlefield, Texas

Steven Bander, DO 1982
Family Medicine
Wylie, Texas

Nancy B. Chasteen, DO 1986
Family Medicine
Farwell, Texas

Robert Coleman, JD, DO 1979
Family Medicine
Birmingham, Alabama

Robert DeLuca, DO 1984
Family Medicine
Eastland, Texas 

Timothy J. Doyle, DO 2001
Family Medicine
Rowlett, Texas

James Hoogeboom, DO 1981
General Surgery
Grand Rapids, Michigan

John Jones III, DO 1987
Manipulative Medicine
Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Henderson, Nevada

Patrick Keehan, DO 2005
Arlington, Texas

Damon Schranz, DO 1998
Family Medicine
Fort Worth, Texas

Ashley Classen, DO 1978
Pain Management & Aesthetic
Fort Worth, Texas

Tayson DeLengocky, DO 2002
Peoria, Illinois

Nelda Cuniff-Isenberg, DO 1974
Family Practice
Burleson, Texas

A. Ray Lewis, DO 1986
Family Practice/Geriatric Care Specialist
Fort Worth, Texas

M. McKim Davis, DO 1978
Bedford, Texas

James A. DiRenna, DO 1981
Kansas, Missouri

David L. Grice, DO 1989
Grand Prairie, Texas

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