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Drug Drop Box Program

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drop boxAs part of the UNT Health Science Center Police Department's commitment to providing for a safe campus community, the Department has installed a drug drop box in the lobby of the Police Department. Unused and discarded medications can be a potential risk of abuse or environmental contamination.

This box will be available to the public 24/7 to deposit unneeded prescription and over-the-counter medications. The box will be located in the Police Department lobby at 3600 Mattison Ave.

Loose pills should be placed in one of the plastic bags provided before depositing into the drop box.

Items Accepted
 Items NOT Accepted
 Prescriptions  Hydrogen Peroxide
 Prescription Patches
 Prescription Medications
 Prescription Ointments
 Needles, or other Sharps
 Over-the-counter Medications
 Medication from Businesses or Clinics
 Vitamins  Aerosol Cans
 Samples  Ointments, Lotions, or Liquids
 Medications for Pets
 Illegal Substances

As needed, the drop box will be emptied by a police officer and all medications will be securely transported to an appropriate disposal facility in accordance with the Texas Controlled Substances Act.

Contact Information:

(817) 735-5154

Jonathan Grose

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