Health Insurance

Insurance Requirements

International students are required to carry health insurance the entire time that they are in the United States. In addition, they are also required to carry coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation. All students at the University of North Texas Health Science Center will be automatically enrolled in the Student Healthcare Insurance Plan, provided by United Healthcare Student Resources. Students can waive out of this automatic enrollment, if they show that they have comparable coverage.

In order to avoid being financially responsible for and enrolled in the Student Healthcare Insurance Plan, an insurance waiver must be approved for the student prior to the twelfth class day. A waiver may be granted for one of four reasons:

  1. The international student has a government-sponsored plan that guarantees payment of all health care expenses including evacuation and repatriation and meets minimum coverage criteria as outlined in the waiver.

  2. The insurance premium will also be waived for students who provide documented evidence of health insurance coverage, including evacuation and repatriation, by a U.S. employer that meets to minimum coverage criteria.

  3. UNTHSC employee insurance (this includes Graduate and Teaching Assistants). Students with UNTHSC provided employee insurance will only be required to purchase medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.

  4. Private Foreign Insurance that meets to minimum coverage criteria.

The cost of the Student Healthcare Insurance Plan will be billed with tuition as part of your fees. You will be enrolled in the coverage unless you provide an insurance waiver form. United Healthcare Student Resources has coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation. All non-immigrant visa holders are required to have this coverage. Please check your existing policy to determine if this is included.

Waiver Requirements

Comparable coverage for 2013-2014 should include:

• $500,000 individual minimum paid benefit per injury or illness
• Individual deductible not to exceed $1,000 per policy year or family deductible not to exceed $5,000
• Some level of in-patient and out-patient Mental Health Benefits
• Primary Care Services (physician office visits), as well as urgent and emergency room care
• Some level of prescription drug coverage

• Policy written in English
• Policy must pay for treatment in the U.S.
• Repatriation insurance coverage of at least $10,000*
• Evacuation insurance coverage of at least $7,500.*
*If your plan does not include repatriation and evacuation, but meets all other criteria, a separate policy covering repatriation insurance may be purchased.

For more information, visit the Student Affairs site.

This page last updated 16th Sep 2013