Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students

Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students

 PA Students- APPLY NOW for the


DEADLINE: March 15, 2013

· Only current PA students are eligible. You must have a 2012-2013 FAFSA on file and be eligible to receive federal student aid.

· Please return application and all required documentation WITH YOUR ORIGINAL SIGNATURE to the UNTHSC Financial Aid Office in EAD 247.  

· Awards are significantly greater than in previous years.  Estimated awards range from $10,000-$15,000

· Although both economic and environmental information is required, you must meet the criteria for “economically disadvantaged” to be selected for this award. 

IF you meet the economically disadvantaged criteria, APPLY for this scholarship. (Look at the chart on the application, it will help.) 

· You must submit tax return transcripts, not the tax returns (1040, etc) which were accepted in previous years. 

o To obtain an IRS tax return transcript, go to and click on the “Order a Return or Account Transcript” link, or call 1-800-908-9946. Make sure to request the “IRS tax return transcript” and not the “IRS tax account transcript.” You will need your Social Security Number, date of birth, and the address on file with the IRS (normally this will be the address used when your IRS tax return was filed). It takes up to two weeks for IRS income information to be available for electronic IRS tax return filers, and up to eight weeks for paper IRS tax return filers. If you are married and you and your spouse filed separate tax returns, you must submit tax return transcripts for both you and your spouse.

Do not delay!  It is peak tax-filing season and may take several weeks to get your transcripts back. 

· Please note HRSA’s definition for “Dependent” versus “Independent” students is different than the Department of Ed/FAFSA.  Most students will need to provide parent information.  (See application for details.)  You can be “Independent” on FAFSA and “Dependent” for this award.


· Students will be selected for awards on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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