Exam Review Policy

Exam Review Policy

The purpose of reviewing the exam outside the classroom is to identify patterns of mistakes or subject deficiencies. Things to look for: Are you struggling with 2nd and 3rd order questions, are you changing answers, are you miss-bubbling, etc.

Please see the Exam Review Policy below:

            Exams are available for review:

                        -For 5 business days

                        -By appointment only

Exam review appointments are:

- An optional service offered by CAP

- First-come, first-served

-Only available using the GradesFirst online reservation system.

- Appointments cannot be made by calling CAP.

- Do not overbook appointments. All overbook appointments will be canceled.

-A maximum of 30 minutes

-Limited to one 30 minute session per exam

When reviewing your exam:

-No cell phones, laptops, or PDAs are permitted

-Notebooks, text books, and writing utensils are not permitted

-A private appointment is not guaranteed. Our exam review room holds up to 9 people per review session.

-  Students must bring a printed copy of the exam report from SGR/ExamSoft

**In order to ensure exam security, all grade reports must be turned in at the end of the exam review**

To schedule your appointment:

 You will receive an email notification from GradesFirst when an exam is open for review. You must click on the link in the exam review email to schedule.

This page last updated 06th Feb 2014