UNTHSC Historical Data

OSOE has responsibility for institutional research, which includes reporting of data required by external entities, such as the UNT System, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Legislative Budget Board, U.S. Department of Education Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), and U.S. News & World Report’s Educational Rankings. OSOE also provides data in support of UNTHSC strategies and operations and prepares the monthly “Data You Can Use” series highlighting institutional data that is distributed to campus leadership and is available below.

UNTHSC historical data and links to important data resources are available on this page. The collection, analysis, and reporting of accurate data assists stakeholders in strategic decision making.

For more detailed and interactive data related to the topics listed below, please visit the THECB's Higher Education Accountability System.

For national level comparative data, please visit the IPEDS Data Center

If you have questions about data, please contact OSOE.

Data You Can Use Repository

January 2015 - UNTHSC Research Expenditures Trends - 7.5

December 2014 -  UNTHSC Program Enrollment Trends - 7.4

November 2014 -  Growth of Graduates at UNTHSC - 7.3

October 2014 -  UNTHSC Fall Enrollment by Program: 2012-2014 - 7.2

September 2014 - TCOM Admissions Profile Trends - 7.1

August 2014 - TCOM Graduates Practicing in Texas - 6.12

July 2014 - UNTHSC May and December Graduation Statistics - 6.11

June 2014 - Gibson D. Lewis Library Usage Indicators - 6.10

May 2014 - UNTHSC Revenue Sources by Category - 6.9

April 2014 - UNTHSC TCOM Post-Graduate Match Data, Class of 2014 - 6.8

March 2014 - UNT Health Revenue and Patient Encounter Trends - Issue 6.7

February 2014 -  THECB* Accountability System - Comparison of Selected Measures among Texas Health-Related Institutions - Issue 6.6

January 2014 -  UNTHSC Research Expenditures Trends - Issue 6.5

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