Fall 2014 Schedule

All seminars will be on TUESDAY, 11:00 a.m. in CBH-240 unless noted otherwise

10:45 a.m., coffee and cookies will be available.

For more information, call Dr. Nathalie Sumien x2389

Seminar Schedule




September 9

Laszlo Prokai, Ph.D.
Pharmacology & Neuroscience

Discovery and preclinical development of a brain-selective estrogen therapy

September 16

Ming-Hui Zou, M.D., Ph.D.
Internal Medicine
University of Oklahoma HSC

Redox regulation of endothelial cell phenotypes

September 30

Marcel M. Daadi, Ph.D.
Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Purified populations of neural stem cells for treating neurological disorders

September 29 Monday

Senior Graduate Student Work in Progress (WIP):

Nicholas Kubelka

ERβ is a determinant for estrogen & androgen cytoprotection

Brian Wang

Metabolic regulation of AMPK in the aged

October 6


Ravi Abrol, Ph.D.
Materials and Process Simulation Center
California Institute of Technology

Conformational landscape governing the constitutive activity of G-protein coupled receptors

October 7

Gary Boehm, Ph.D.

Peripheral immune stimulation, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and cognitive dysfunction

October 14

Christian J. Pike, Ph.D.
Davis School of Gerontology
University of Southern California

Testosterone and the regulation of Alzheimer's disease in men

October 21

Anne M. Stowe, Ph.D.
Neurology & Neurotherapeutics
UT Southwestern

Reprogramming inflammation to protect from stroke-induced injury

October 27
4-5 PM

Senior Graduate Student Work in Progress (WIP):

Sean Dolan

Differential effects on reward produced by synthetic cathinones

Naaman Ondego

Eco-friendly surface chemistries for prevention of barnacle biofouling

October 28

November 24
4-5 PM

Senior Graduate Student Work in Progress (WIP):

Dhwanil Dalwadi

Fight the bite: A discovery and development project

Fatima Sahyouni

Quantitative proteomic investigation of estrogenic endocrine-disrupting effects in the rat uterus using systems biology

December 2

Kim Neve, Ph.D.
Behavioral Neuroscience
Oregon Health & Science University

Genetic reconstitution of dopamine receptor function in mice

December 8


Yulia Sevryugina, Ph.D.

Boron clusters as unique pharmacophores in biologically active compounds

December 9

Miguel Coca-Prados, Ph.D.
Ophthalmology & Visual Science
Yale University School of Medicine

Omics-based insights into glaucoma research

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