Pharmacokinetics, Bioanalytical & Toxicology


UNTHSC Pre-Clinical Services currently offers the following procedures and tests. Additional procedures can be developed and validated to meet the individual requirements of our Sponsors.

Pharmacokinetics (IV, IP, SC, IM, PO)

  • Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster and Dog
  • Single and/or multiple-dose studies.
  • Dose escalation pharmacokinetics.
  • Calculation of pharmacokinetic parameters.

Rat Disposition Studies

  • Levels of parent and/or metabolites in plasma, bile, urine, feces.

Preliminary Toxicology

  • Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD)

          Tolerability following IV, IP, SC, IM or PO administration.

          Species: mouse and rat.

  • Repeat Dose Tolerability

Bioanalytical / Analytical

  • Plasma, Urine, Bile or Tissue Level Analysis

Analysis of biological fluids and tissues using LCMS or HPLC techniques.

  • Compound Stability

Stability of test compound in plasma, serum, microsomes (multiple species) and chemical (pH, other)

This page last updated 17th May 2013