IVIS Lumina XR in vivo imaging system from PerkinElmer

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The IVIS Lumina XR offers the most sensitive and flexible small animal optical imaging system both in fluorescent, bioluminescent and now X-ray. Precise optical and X-ray overlay allows you to bring your optical signal into anatomical context. IVIS Lumina XR can also accommodate petri dishes or microtiter plates for in vitro imaging. The system incorporates premium animal handling features such as anesthesia system. The system equipped with excitation filters at wavelength of: 430nm, 500nm, 535nm, 570nm, 605nm, 640nm, 675nm, 710nm and 745; Emission filters at 510nm~570nm (GFP-, AlexaFluor 488, etc.), 570nm~650nm (ds-Red, mCherry, etc.), 690nm~770nm(Cy5.5, etc.), 820nm~880nm(ICG, etc.). For further information please contact Xiangle Sun or call 817-735-0117.

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