Eclipse : Eclipse (Varian), Spectrofluorimeter equipped with HTS accessory, front face adapter and TIRF attachments.

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varian eclipse

Varian, Eclipse, equipped with HTS accessory, front face adapter and TIRF attachments

This system is designed to collect emission and excitation spectra. It is equipped with polarizers and can measure emission and excitation steady-state polarization. The system is equipped with a high throughput screening adapter and a special front face adapter for liquid and solid samples. Since its excitation source is a flesh lamp and a type of “lock-in” detection the system can be used in any open configuration. A fiber-optics adapter allows measurements outside the instrument sample compartment.
A Flesh lamp allows easy detection using time gating for measurements of phosphorescence or delayed fluorescence. Also it is very convenient to measure long fluorescence lifetimes like phosphorescence or lanthanides luminescence that are longer then 100 microseconds.

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  2. You are here: Eclipse : Eclipse (Varian), Spectrofluorimeter equipped with HTS accessory, front face adapter and TIRF attachments.
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  5. FLIM Microscope (2) : MT200 (PicoQuant, Inc), four laser diodes, four APD detectors.
  6. Fluorometer : Fluo Time 200( PicoQuant, Inc), Time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) System. Equipped with pulsed Laser Diodes and LEDs excitation sources, and ultra fast MCP detector.
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  11. TI: Sapphire Laser : Maitai (Spectra Physics), 700-970 nm, 100 femtoseconds.
  12. Spin Coater : Model P6700. For thin layers coating.
  13. Goniometer : Home build instrument for angular distribution measurements.
  14. Tensiometer : Model BAM4C. For tissue forces measurement.
  15. TIRF with Fluidies (BioelectroSpec) : Adapted to Varian Eclipse.
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