Research and the MSI

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The Mental Sciences Initiatives supports the research mission of the university in mental sciences of learning, decision-making and communications, and executive functioning and behavioral responses to trauma. Faculty affiliates conduct research in basic and social-behavioral topics with a focus on translational methodologies. Research is both independent and collaborative across disciplines, and involves students, and extramural academic partners and behavioral health providers.

The MSI conducts needs assessments and opinion surveys, evaluates services outcomes, and develops educational and performance tools. We work closely with the JPS Health Network Department of Psychiatry in residents' research projects. Areas of active research projects with links to detailed information are listed to the right.

Areas of Current Research

Body-Based Therapies, Manual Medicine, and Other CAM Modalities

Chronic Stress, The Immune System, and Mind-Body Health

Educational Research (R25 Grant)

Mental Health Services Utilization and Outcome Studies

Psychopathology, Depression, Suicide, and Behavioral Risks

Trauma and Interpersonal Violence

Report on JPS Crisis Stabilization Unit

Compact-20©Performance Tool

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