Mental Sciences Initiatives

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The Mental Sciences Initiatives was established in 2009. The MSI focuses on translational research and competency based educational programs. The MSI also provides on-site consultation and products for evaluating and coaching in individual and team performance, teaching basic research literacy, and conducting program outcomes evaluation. Our research and education teams are inter-professional including psychiatrists, psychologists, biostatisticians, social scientists, and basic scientists locally and around the country.


Internationally recognized interdisciplinary research and education programs promoting healthy behavior and life long learning.


Establish an enduring program of multi-disciplinary translational research in healthy brain behavior paradigms for treatment and for education.

Establish and sustain programs of multi-disciplinary scientific investigation and consultation focused on populations most at risk for mal-adaptive responses to traumatic stress, including persons suffering with mental illness, crisis response personnel, and combat veterans, and their families.

Establish durable, evidence-supported, multi-disciplinary educational programs for health sciences students and practitioners in the mental sciences affecting human behavior.

Establish a unique, adaptable, and sustainable program of competency-based research education for health sciences students locally and nationally.

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This page last updated 30th Apr 2013