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Privacy Statement

The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth Website ( uses browser detection to determine the browser type, browser version, and operating system of site visitors. This information is used only in its aggregate form, to help us further refine our web site design. The remote IP address is collected from each site visitor, and is used only to provide statistical data, specifically, the percentage of "hits" from the UNT Health Science Center domain versus the number from the internet. The pages accessed by each visitor are recorded and preserved in an aggregate form to provide us with information about the relative usage of the pages in our Web site. The web page that referred the site visitor to this UNT Health Science Center Web site is also recorded, and used to improve overall site navigation.

Email messages sent to the "webmaster" will be answered by personnel of the Web Services division of Information Technology Services or forwarded to another individual at the health science center to be answered. Email messages sent to the "webmaster" and copies of replies may be kept and reviewed to help ensure the relevance of information presented in this Web site and the usefulness of our response system. Email messages sent to the email contacts for site owners will be answered by that account holder or their designee. All programmatic email messages including visitor’s name, email address or other information provided by the user are transmitted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Forms collecting such data for population of a database for specific purposes such as application for admission also use SSL encryption. The data collected in such forms are used exclusively for the purpose stated on the individual website and retained according to state approved records retention schedules.

Web Publishing Privacy Policy (Excerpt from Web Publishing Guidelines)


All UNT Health Science Center Web sites must provide a Privacy Statement on their top-level web page (also called home or index pages). Each Privacy Statement must identify the information collected from site visitors, describe its use, and assure site visitors of the integrity of their information during transmission and storage. Each Privacy Statement must identify both passive and active information collected from site visitors and describe its use. Passive information is collected without alerting the site visitor, while Active information is that purposely provided by the site visitor.

Examples of passive information include:

  • browser detection: browser type and browser version
  • remote host name: the DNS entry for the computer accessing the web site
  • cookies: hidden identifiers used to store data during a visit, and cumulatively over time.

Examples of active information include:

  • name, address, or social security number of the site visitor
  • email address of the site visitor
  • comments or answers to questions provided by the site visitor.

Security of Private Information

Each web site at UNT Health Science Center will assure site visitors of the integrity of their information, in transit and in storage. This assurance should include whether or not the data is encrypted in transit via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS), the positions or UNT Health Science Center employees that will be able to access the information, and under what conditions that information will be accessed. The UNT Health Science Center has special responsibilities to protect students’ information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Therefore, any UNT Health Science Center Web site collecting data falling under FERPA guidelines must carefully review its handling of such data and insure that its procedures adhere to the act.

This page last updated 19th Dec 2012