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Teaching... at the Center of all we do.... It seems that one of the most valuable services the UNT Health Science Center Alumni Association can offer you is a connection with current students. A way to support the next wave of health professionals; a way for you to offer your time and expertise.

UNTHSC Alumni Association Speaker’s Bureau

We want to build a database of interested alumni experts to share with Faculty, Community Partners, and with Student Affairs. We have already identified some immediate speaking opportunities, but the Speaker's Bureau will allow us to offer a variety of events and topic needs as they come available.

By completing this online form, you will be a recognized member of the Alumni Speaker’s Bureau. We will send you a gift for participation and at the end of each year we will mail you a certificate acknowledging your contribution and impact to the student body.

Application to Participate

Immediate Opportunity:

Alumni Round Tables in February and March -

Alumni are asked to return to campus once a year to interact with current students in a fast-paced networking and mentoring event known as the Specialty Round Table. This event offers students an opportunity to ask key questions about your passions, accomplishments and goals and for you to contribute to their understanding around career expectations, transition and value. This helps young health care providers prepare to enter the world of direct patient care.

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