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The FY 2014 Funding and Operating Guidelines have been updated to reflect the following changes in NHLBI Paylines:

  • R01/R21 payline from 11.0 to 12.0
  • ESI payline from 21.0 to 22.0
  • AIDS payline from 21.0 to 22.0

Translational Pilot Grants

The UNTHSC is an institutional partner in the Clinical and Translational Science Initiative (CTSI) housed at UT Southwestern. Through our partnership, Junior and Senior UNTHSC faculty are now eligible to apply for Translational Pilot Funding through the UT Southwestern Center for Translational Medicine (CTM). Please see the document below for more information.

Letters of Intent are due by Friday, February 21.

UTSW Center for Translational Medicine Pilot Program Information (Word Version)

FAQs regarding Pilot Funding from UT Southwestern's Center for Translational Medicine (CTM)

1.  What types of pilot grants are being offered through the CTM?

There are two distinct types of CTM pilot funding mechanisms for which UNTHSC investigators are eligible:

(a)  Translational Pilot Grants
            These are 1-2 year grants to fund early-stage research, mainly to test new ideas and gather preliminary data.  The Translational Pilot grants place emphasis on funding junior investigators, defined as no more than three years beyond first research-related faculty appointment.  Post-docs, residents and fellows are eligible.  Also, senior investigators are eligible, but only if this work represents a substantial departure from prior or ongoing research and involves a novel collaborative arrangement.  An example would be a basic scientist, who is now embarking on a new translational project involving human subjects, with new clinical collaborators.  There are no specific budget limits, although the average size of these pilot grants is $37K (direct costs).  It would be wise to take this into account when considering the scope of work and specific aims.
            The application cycles for Translational Pilots are twice per year.  The current cycle has an LOI due date of 2/21,2014, with a full application (invitation only) due April 1st.  If awarded, the grant start date would be July 1, 2014.  The next RFA/submission cycle will be approximately October 2014.

(b)  Service Packages
            These are $5K awards to support early development work to get a new project started.  There are no deadlines - you can submit an application form to the CTM any time, but must use the form provided on the CTM website.  Examples of how service package funds can be used:  feasibility testing, research tool development, core center services, lab/imaging test development, registry/database development, etc. 

2.  Do I need a UT Southwestern collaborator to be eligible for a Translational Pilot or Service Package award through the CTM?

NO.  As a collaborating institution in the CTM, you do not have to be working directly with UT Southwestern faculty collaborators. 

3.  Is preliminary data required to be competitive?

NO.  This is not like the typical NIH R01 mechanism.  It emphasizes new ideas and early stage translational research.

4.  What will make my application competitive?

Carefully read the RFA instructions and be sure your proposal aligns well with the priorities and format listed in the RFA.  Don't simply cut and paste a prior grant proposal!

5.  Should indirect costs (Facility & Administration Costs) be included in the budget?

NO.  These are treated like internal seed grants.

6.  Do I need to route the application through the UNTHSC Office of Grants & Contract Management prior to submitting it to the CTM at UT Southwestern?

Letters of Intent for Translational Pilots do NOT need to be routed through OGCM prior to submission.  However, full applications for Translational Pilots (if invited) need to be routed through OGCM prior to submission.  Although this is a quick review process, please leave sufficient lead time (5 business days) for review of the administrative sections and the budget and for gathering of appropriate institutional signatures.  Likewise, Service Packages should be routed through OGCM prior to submission to the CTM.

7.  Whom do I contact if I have further questions?

The best person to contact is Tauri Matthews, Translational Pilot Program Coordinator, at the CTM:  If you have UNTHSC specific questions, please contact LeAnn Forsberg.

This page last updated 25th Aug 2014