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2014 ICR Seminar Schedule

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                                           ICR Seminar Schedule 2014:

                                   Institute for Cancer Research Seminars

                                    Director: Jamboor Vishwanatha, Ph.D. 

                                  Seminar Coordinator: Riyaz Basha, Ph.D. 

                                          ICR Secretary: Jacklyn Crisp

                                          Seminar Location: LIB-110

                                                       Noon to 1:00 pm

                           University of North Texas Health Science Center

                                                3500 Camp Bowie Blvd.

                                                Fort Worth, TX 76107 

                                                 Seminar Information:

Date: January 1 (None) 

Date: February 5

          Speaker: Anish Ray, M.D.

         Position and Location: Attending Physician, Pediatric

         Hematology/Oncology Cook Children's Medical Center,

         Fort Worth, TX

Title of Seminar: "Challenges at the Besdside in Pediatric Cancers"

Confirmed by: Riyaz Basha, Ph.D.


Date: March 5

        Speaker: Deepak Kumar, Ph.D.

        Position and Location: Associate Professor & Chair, Department of

        Biology, Chemistry & Physics, University of the District of Columbia,

        Washington, DC.

Title of Seminar: "Small noncoding microRNAs as emerging mediators of tumor hallmarks and cancer biomarkers"

Confirmed by: Jamboor Vishwanatha, Ph.D.

Date: April 2

         Speaker: YiQiang Cheng, Ph.D.

         Position and Location: Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical

         Sciences, UNT System College of Pharmacy, University of North

         Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, TX

Title of Seminar: "Genomics-Guided Discovery of Potent Anticancer National Products from Exotic Bacterial Species"

Confirmed by: Riyaz Basha, Ph.D.


Date: May 7 (None)


Date: June 4 (None)


Date: July 2 (None)


Date: August 6

          Speaker: Mohan C. Vemuri, Ph.D.

          Position and Location: Director, Research & Development Cell

          Biology and Stem Cell Sciences, Life Technologies, Frederick, MD. 

Title of Seminar: "Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC): Approaches to Cancer Immunotherapy"

Confirmed by: Jamboor Vishwanatha, Ph.D.

Date: September 3

         Speaker: Maurizio Ghisoli, M.D.

         Position and Location: Physician and Researcher, Mary Crowley

        Cancer Research Center, Department of Pediatric Hematology

        Oncology, Medical City Children's Hospital, Texas Oncology,

        Dallas, TX

Title of Seminar: "Ewing Sarcoma: One, Two Punch"

Confirmed by: Paul Bowman, M.D.

Date: October 1

         Speaker: Richard L. Eckert, Ph.D.

         Position and Location: Chair, John F.B. Weaver Professorship,

         Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of

         Maryland, Baltimore, MD. 

Title of Seminar: "Making Sense of Skin-Cancer Stem Cells in Development of Squamous Cell Carcinoma"

Confirmed by: Jamboor Vishwanatha, Ph.D.

Date: November 5

         Speaker: Aramandla Ramesh, Ph.D.

         Position and Location: Associate Professor, Department of

         Biochemistry and Cancer Biology, Meharry Medical College,

         Nashville, TN.

Title of Seminar: "From bowl to bowel: Benzo(a)pyrene and Colon Carcinogenesis"

Confirmed by: Riyaz Basha, Ph.D.

Date: December 3


         Position and Location:

Title of Seminar:

Confirmed by: 

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