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  1. Assessment of estrogens in brain protection from traumatic brain injury. In collaboration with clinical scientists at the UT Southwestern Medical School, we are determining the effectiveness of estrogens from brain damage in traumatic brain injury.
  2. Genetic variances and Alzheimer’s disease occurrence. We are assessing the role of genetic variances and the genes involved in Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. The role of mitochondrial enhancers in lipid profiles in human subjects: We are assessing the effects in of interventions with mitochondrial enhancers on lipid profiles.
  4. Effects of a mitochondrial electron rerouting agent on Parkinson’s disease.  We are assessing the effects of methylene blue, a mitochondrial electron rerouting agent, on symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
  5. Novel estrogens and retinitis pigmentosa. We are assessing the effects of a novel estrogen in the protection of the eye form retinitis pigmentosa.
  6. Exercise & NT-020 (NutraStem). In this study we are investigating the effect of light exercise and an investigational dietary supplement on blood stem cells.
  7. Health & Aging Brain Study (HABS). We are studying the biological and lifestyle factors that influence memory and thinking as we age.
  8. Health & Aging Brain among Latino Elders (HABLE). We are studying aging among Mexican Americans in Texas.
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