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Equal Employment Opportunity


To be recognized as an entity of UNTHSC, whose sole purpose is to eliminate or prevent discrimination, in all forms, as it relates to equal opportunity for all individuals, without regard to race, color gender national origin, religion, age, disability or veteran status.


To oversee and monitor compliance of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative policies, practices and procedures. To ensure that all faculty, staff and students have equal access to all available jobs and training, education programs and activities, under equal terms and conditions, and with equal benefits and services. To develop an Affirmative Action Plan with a specific agenda designed to eliminate or prevent discrimination.

In order to follow the outlined vision toward the fulfillment of the mission set forth specific responsibilities have been dedicated to the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.

The Equal Employment Officer reports to the Executive Director of Human Resource Services/Affirmative Action, and has the direct responsibility for:

  • Ensuring compliance with all Federal, State and local legislation and regulations, and serving as a liaison between the institution and regulatory agencies.
  • Advising appropriate personnel on Federal, State and local legislation and regulations.
  • Training and discussing the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action policies and procedures.
  • Investigating any allegations of discrimination or non-compliance with the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action policies and procedures.
  • Preparing investigation reports and recommendations based on factual information gathered during investigations.
  • Reviewing all proposed employment actions, to ensure adherence to the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action policies and procedures.
  • Reviewing job descriptions, to ensure essential duties comply with policies and regulations.
  • Reviewing position advertisements, to ensure adherence to regulations and the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action policies and procedures.
  • Developing and implementing multi-cultural education activities and programs.
  • Maintaining recruiting and employment records, including applicant survey forms and selection forms.
  • Developing, implementing, monitoring, auditing and distributing the institution's Affirmative Action Plan.

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This page last updated 03rd Oct 2014