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The Office of Contract Administration will provide contract training complementary to UNT System and UNT Health Science Center policy. Be mindful that the training material and information herein is intended to be a continual work in progress.  Please communicate with the appropriate departments (ex: Office of Contract Administration, Office of General Counsel, BSC Purchasing Department, etc) as new questions and issues arise.  Our goal is to provide guidance in the contract administration process and to assure proper and successful contracting at UNT Health Science Center. The Contracting Handbook should be your starting point for drafting and basic routing of contracts. Click to see the Contracting Handbook or enter the following link to get to the Office of General Counsel webpage about contracts:

The Contracting Handbook does not provide specific information about routing contracts at the UNT Health Science Center campus. The documents and information provided here explains the process of routing contracts at the Health Science Center campus after the steps described in theContracting Handbook have been completed.

UNTHSC Contract Review and Routing Process

UNTHSC Contract Routing Flowchart

UNTHSC Purchasing Contract Review and Routing Process

unt purchasing contract

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