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UNTHSC Contract Routing Status

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Go to the Office of Contract Administration INTRANET website, select the "Contract Software Training" weblink on the right. Scroll down the page and select the purple Sophia log in icon to log into Sophia. Sophia is Wellspring's Knowledge Supply Chain™ enterprise software we are using for contract administration. Once you select the link, the information contained therein is restricted. You must have an EUID and password and must be connected to the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) Intranet via dialup, VPN or on campus to access the software. Please be mindful that access to the information in Sophia is managed by User roles. If you do not have access to the information or receive an error message, you may not have a User role that permits access. Contact the Office of Contract Administration via the SophiaHelpdesk email for assistance. Questions specifically related to SOPHIA? Email:

Note: Electronic copies of contracts are attached to some of the records in Sophia. Copies of contracts from some legacy Agreement records and files that are confidential/sensitive in nature are not uploaded to Sophia. Please send your request for copies of contracts to the Office of  Contract Administration via the department email address: Requests for copies of contracts are processed after contracts and projects related to institutional priorities. To expedite a response to the request, be sure to include the HSC contract number, a summary description, dates or other identifying information to help us locate the contract.


University of North Texas Health Science Center Policies

University of North Texas System BSC Purchasing

University of North Texas System Office of General Counsel

Texas Procurement and Support Services

Texas Procurement and Support Services Contract Management Guide

Texas Education Code

Chapter 105:              University of North Texas System

Chapter 105.108:       Contracts

Chapter 105.151:       Mandatory Venue; Service of Process

Chapter 105.404:       Agreements with Other Entities

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