Health Institutes of Texas

A Bench-to-Bedside Solution for the People of Texas

Texas ranks as one of the country's lowest in physician supply for our current population, and 50th of 51 for health access.*

By establishing the Health Institutes of Texas (HIT), we intend to speed investigational approaches from the bench to the bedside to create a healthier and more productive Texas.

HIT provides the University with an innovative way to translate information and research while fueling the growth of critical discoveries into new models of care and provider training. 

HIT was designed to leverage UNTHSC’s growing expertise in public health, interdisciplinary scientific research, medical education and health care delivery and was designed around the following model:

  1. Determine/refine problem
  2. Solve the problem using multidisciplinary approach to translational research
  3. Implement the solution through student and provider education, prevention, etc.
  4. Measure outcomes 

The ultimate goal for HIT is to utilize this model among the various institutes to improve the health of Texans and beyond by reducing disparities, developing new treatments and therapies, and improving access to care in rural and underserved communities in Texas.

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Jackie Williams

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This page last updated 24th Sep 2014