Campus Training Opportunities

There are many training opportunities available across the Health Science Center campus.

Several of these training modules must be completed on an annual basis. You will be notified by the department that requires the specific training when you are due to complete the training. Some of these training modules are automated and will send you an email notification on your expiration date or annual roll out date.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any question or if you need contact information for any of the training modules listed below.

Code of Ethics/Standard of Conduct Training

Code of Ethics Link

Responsible Party: Institutional Compliance Office - Carrie Conditt - 817-735-2029

HIPAA Privacy Training (New Employee Only)

HIPAA Privacy Training

Responsible Party: Clinical Compliance Office - Nellie Butze - 817-735-0404

EEO Training:

EEO Training

Responsible Party: EEO Office - Dana Perdue - 817-735-2690

Safety Training:

General Safety Training

Responsible Party: Safety Office - Matt Moncus  - 817-735-2697

Biosafety Training:

Biosafety Training

Responsible Party: Biosafety Office - Maya Nair - 817-735-5431

Campus Crime Report:

Campus Crime Report

Responsible Party: Campus Police - 817-735-2600

This page last updated 07th Oct 2014