Institutional Compliance Council

Compliance Council Divisions

anne long

Chief Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management Officer 
Anne Long, RN, JD,CPHQ
Contact: 817-735-5131


Institutional Compliance Specialist
Carrie Conditt
Contact: 817-735-2029


Safety Division
Matthew Moncus
Contact: 817-735-2697

Nellie Butze

Clinical Compliance Division
Nellie Butze, RN, BS, CPC, CHC
Contact: 817-735-0404


Human Resources Division
Dana Perdue
Contact: 817-735-2690


IT Infrastructure & Security Division
Anthony Tissera
Contact: 817-735-0453

Finance Division
Geoffrey Scarpelli
Contact: 817-735-5030


Research Division
Brian Gladue, PhD 
Contact: 817-735-5083

Student Affairs Division
Thomas Moorman, EdD
Contact: 817-735-2503

Jackie Williams

Academic Affairs and Faculty Affairs
Jackie Williams
Contact: 817-735-2460


Community Engagement Division 
Tim Doke
Contact: 817-735-5136

Stephen Barrett

Operations Division
Stephen Barrett
Contact: 817-735-2523

Jeanie Foster

Strategy & Organizational Excellence Division
Jeanie Foster, MBA
Contact: 817-735-0217


Grants & Contracts Division
LeAnn Forsberg, BA
Contact: 817-735-0429

Office of the President
Jennifer Trevino, MBA
Contact: 817-735-2509

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