Gas Cylinder Log

Helpful Tips for Handling Gas Cylinders

1. Send an email or copy the following addresses when ordering gas from the vendor.




i.  This allows Property personnel to prepare gas tags prior to the deliveries by the vendor’s drivers.

ii. Entries for new orders can be entered into the Gas Cylinder Log to keep it updated.

iii. Returns can be identified prior to the arrival of the vendor’s drivers.

2. Return Cylinders

a.Write “Empty” on the current gas tag to avoid mixing up cylinders with full cylinders.

b. Empty liquid cylinders may be left on the RES Dock and the behind the CBH tank area for returns to the vendor.

c. Other gas cylinders should be left in the area designated for "Empty Cylinders" in the designated storage areas for RES and CBH. 

Gas Cylinder Log

This page last updated 14th Jun 2013