Fall 2013 Faculty Teaching Workshops

  • To accommodate different schedules, most workshops will be offered at two different times.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, the location for most workshops is at the Center for Learning & Development- LIB- 448 
  • For the most up-to-date schedule, please refer to the Daily News.


Target Audience: New and experienced faculty who are looking for different approaches to improve teaching and learning.

Workshop Topic




Managing Disruptive Personality Types in the Classroom

· Tue 9/10: 2-3

· Thu 9/12: 10-11


The learning environment is a critical component of student success at UNTHSC. Disruptive students may impact the learning environment for not only themselves but for the other students, faculty, and staff. This seminar will focus on how to recognize and respond effectively to challenging behaviors that may disrupt the learning environment and discuss opportunities for collaboration with on-campus resources in order to resolve issues of concern in an efficient manner.

PeerWise: A Peer Grading System that Promotes Active Learning

· Tue 9/24: 10-11

· Thu 9/26: 2-3


PeerWise is newly available software that supports student construction, explanation, and critique of multiple choice questions in an interactive learning environment. This workshop will introduce participants to the system, provide hands-on examples of how it works, and explain how to sign up for a UNTHSC practice course and get an instructor's license to use the software.

Psychomotor Learning

· Tue 10/8: 10-11

· Wed 10/9: 2-3


This seminar will focus on principles and best practices in psychomotor learning as well as other schools' approaches to psychomotor teaching.

Fostering a Culture of Preparedness: Campus and Classroom Safety

· Tue 10/15: 2-3

· Thu 10/17: 10-11


The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and extended campus community is of utmost importance. This seminar is a collaborative session between the Division of Student Affairs, Safety Office, and UNTHSC Police Department. You will learn ways to prevent, recognize, and respond to events on campus that impact the safety of our classrooms and campus community. You will also be introduced to helpful resources.

Using Canvas's Assessment Tools

· Tue 10/29: 10-11

· Thu 10/31:2-3


This workshop will demonstrate the features of Canvas that enable faculty to assess students online.

Promoting Veteran Student Success on Campus

· Fri 11/15: 11:30-1

Lunch & Learn

As the number of student veterans' increase at UNTHSC, it is important for faculty and staff to have the tools and resources to best serve this population. This workshop will provide a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of student veterans on the UNTHSC campus, and discuss the available services and resources that will assist student veterans in being successful both inside and outside of the classroom.

Course Design 101

· Fri 9/27: 8:30-11


Introduce basic concepts of backward design, techniques for writing learning objectives, and essential elements of a syllabus.

Promoting Active Learning and Higher Order Thinking

· Fri 10/4: 8:30-11


Introduce the importance of active learning and higher order thinking, and discuss teaching techniques that work to engage students.

Assessing Student Learning

· Fri 10/18: 8:30-11


Introduce basic concepts of assessment, and discuss a variety of methods for formative and summative assessments.

Incorporating Online Components in Face-to-Face Teaching

· Fri 11/1: 8:30-11


Introduces how to incorporate online components in a course while maintaining or enhancing the quality of teaching and learning.

Interprofessional Practice

· Fri 11/15: 8:30-11


Introduce the best practices for enhancing interprofessional experiences across the health science center.

Understanding Today's Learners

· Fri 1/10/2014: 8:30-11


Introduce generational perspectives and consider implications for teaching and learning.

· Hands-on Lab: Instructor-facilitated session with hands-on activities. Labs typically take place in a computer teaching laboratory. Learning activities may be prepared or ad hoc.

· Lunch & Learn: Instructor-facilitated presentations and discussions in a conference room setting. Light lunch is served prior to the session.

· Seminar: Instructor-led interaction in a conference room setting. Seminars typically include presentations, demonstrations, discussions, and sometimes activities.

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