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Strategies to Assess Large Classes

powerpoint2 1
First Step in Course Planning: Writing Effective Learning Objectives

powerpoint2 2
Case-Based & Collaborative Learning

powerpoint2 4
Higher Order Thinking Item Format Examples

powerpoint2 5
Managing Classroom Incivilities

powerpoint2 7
Rubric Overview

powerpoint2 9
UNTHSC Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Overview

powerpoint2 12
Using Test Data
to drive decision making: Scantron tests

powerpoint2 16
Beginning, Developing, Exemplary: Using a Targeted Grading Rubric to Assess the Information-Seeking Skills of First-Year Medical Students

powerpoint2 17
Course Design and Redesign

powerpoint2 18
Developing and Testing a Rubric: Comprehensive Exams

powerpoint2 19
Engaging Learners in Small and Large Classes

powerpoint2 20
Facilitating Higher Order Thinking (HOT) in Classroom and Clinical Settings

powerpoint2 21
MCQ Practice Handout

powerpoint2 22
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