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Refresher course for Human Subject Research Training

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All UNTHSC personnel (faculty, staff, students, medical residents) who conduct any research involving human subjects need to complete the BASIC human subjects training course through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). This training needs to be completed before engaging in human subject research, and certification must be submitted or otherwise "on file" with the UNTHSC Office of Research Compliance (OReC).

At most institutions, CITI training certification is valid for only one or two years, but at UNTHSC, this CITI training is valid for three years.   After 3 years, a brief REFRESHER course can be taken through the CITI website to renew CITI certification, and this "refresher" renewal will need to occur every three years.  Expiration of this educational training requirement can jeopardize any current or newly submitted research protocol.

Instructions on how to log into and take the Refresher course:

Go to the CITI main page...log in using your CITI User ID and Password you set up for your initial CITI training, then click on...

Add a course or update your learner groups for University of North Texas Health Science Center

Once in there, scroll down to "Question 2" which references the Refresher course options...

Select an Option (Biomedical, Social Behavioral, etc.) and follow instructions from there.

For additional guidance, download this how-to-manual by clicking here.

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