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IRB Submission Deadline

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Full Board Amendment:

(1) SIGNED original memo from the PI requesting protocol amendment. The memo should include the elements or modifications found within the proposed amendment and provide brief justification.

(2) Six (6) Copies of the following:

  • Signed Memo
  • Track changes version of the modified research documents (i.e. informed consent, protocol synopsis, etc.) reflecting proposed amendment

(3) A CLEAN Copy of the modified research document(s) reflecting proposed amendment (to be stamped)


Please submit all protocols to the Office of Research Compliance located in CBH Suite 160 during business hours.

Final Report:

(1) One (1) copy of the following documents:

  • SIGNED original Progress Report (check final report)
  • Current IRB-stamped Informed Consent

When are new full board protocols due?

The protocol submission deadline (for complete application packet/kit) is the third Monday of the month (usually 2 weeks) prior to the meeting - see schedule.


Are there submission deadlines for new Expedited and Exempt category protocols?

The review process for Exempt and Expedited category research allows for ongoing protocol submission and approval. There is not a set deadline and protocol review is conducted in the order it was received.

This page last updated 17th Jun 2014