Expedited Category Review

What is Expedited Category Review?

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Some research projects that are "minimal risk" may qualify for a special category of IRB review, known as Expedited Review. 

Federal regulations (45 CFR 46.110) allow for an expedited review procedure in which the IRB chairperson or one or more IRB members designated by the chairperson can review the protocol instead of a convened Full Board IRB meeting. 

Although, in many cases,  an expedited review can often be "faster" than a Full Board review, an Expedited review will be conducted with as much rigor and attention as a Full-Board review; however, the numbers of reviewers required for approval are fewer (usually the IRB Chair and perhaps one or two additional Board members). However, only certain categories of research can be approved via Expedited Review procedures.

To request IRB review for an Expedited category research study, use the Expedited Review Application

This page last updated 04th Oct 2013