Patricia Gwirtz, Ph.D., Graduate Advisor
Research and Education Building-103

Graduate and Adjunct Graduate Faculty: All members of the graduate and adjunct graduate faculty are included in Biotechnology. Science advancements are moving at a record pace. New and exciting approaches have led to our greater understanding of health and disease. Keeping pace with these breakthroughs will require an education and highly trained workforce. The biotechnology degree program is designed to train individuals for careers in industry and research by providing the tools and experience needed for highly technical positions offered in emerging biotechnology companies and research institutions. Students will take integrated biomedical sciences courses that provide the breadth and depth needed to understand complex biomedical problems. All students are required to train in molecular, cellular, physiological and pharmacological techniques and to complete an internship practicum in a research or industrial laboratory that forms the basis of the laboratory internship practicum report.

Degree Plan

Year 1: Summer

BMSC 5400

Biostatistics for Biomedical Sciences 4 SCH
BMSC 5900.001 Special Problems: Short Course in Health Disparities 1 SCH
MOLB 5201.001 Introductory Biochemistry 2 SCH

Year 1: Fall

BMSC 6301 Integrative Biomedical Sciences I: Principles of Biochemistry 4 SCH
BMSC 6302 Integrative Biomedical Sciences II: Molecular Cell Biology 4 SCH

BMSC 5160

Biomedical Ethics

BMSC 5170 Techniques in Biomedical Sciences 1 SCH
BMSC 5250 Laboratory Management 2 SCH
BMSC 5310 Scientific Communications 3 SCH

15 SCH
Year 1: Spring

BMSC 6303 Integrative Biomedical Sciences III: Physiology


BMSC 6304 Integrative Biomedical Sciences IV: Pharmacology 2 SCH

BMSC 6305

Integrative Biomedical Sciences V: Immunology and Microbiology


BMSC 5140

Seminar in Current Topics


BMSC 5165

Introduction to Industry Practice


BMSC 5170

Techniques in Biomedical Sciences

1-2 SCH

11-12 SCH
Year 2: Summer

CBAN 6440 Methods in Molecular Biology 4 SCH
BMSC 5170 Techniques in Biomedical Sciences 2 SCH

Year 2: Fall

BMSC 5697 Laboratory Internship Practicum 6 SCH

Year 2: Spring

BMSC 5697 Laboratory Internship Practicum 6 SCH

50 SCH

Laboratory Internship Practicum
Once the major professor is chosen, the student will complete a Laboratory Internship Practicum (BMSC 5697) in the major professor's laboratory. During this time, the student will learn how to perform all of the duties expected of a laboratory technician. These may include working under researchers on their projects, doing the student's own research project, purchasing supplies and equipment, repairing and maintaining equipment, etc. The student is expected to keep a laboratory notebook during this experience. At the end of the practicum, the student will write a report detailing the activities of the internship. The student's advisory committee must approve this report together with the laboratory notebook. The student must make a formal presentation to the advisory committee and defend the work at this time. A copy of the report must be submitted within the appropriate deadlines for graduation (see the Academic Calendar.)

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