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Introduction to Clinical Trials
Before a new treatment is approved for general use in the United States, clinical research
must be conducted to prove it is safe and effective. Advances in medicine and science are
the direct result of new ideas and approaches developed through research.

What is a Clinical Trial?
Clinical Trials are research studies conducted in human volunteers to answer specific health
questions. Clinical Trials find better ways to treat a specific disease and are critical in
the development of new medications and devices to treat diseases. Carefully conducted clinical trials
are the fastest and safest way to find treatments that work in people and ways to improve

Why are Clinical Trials conducted?
Clinical Trials answer specific scientific questions such as how to prevent, diagnose,
treat, or study the psychological impact (ie, quality of life) of a particular disease in

Who offers Clinical Trials?
In partnership with pharmaceutical and medical device companies, a physician (also known as Principal Investigator) who is interested in research at a university, hospital or private practice offers clinical trials.

Interested in Participating?
If you are interested in an opportunity to help advance science and medicine or if you would
like more information about our enrolling trials, please visit our Currently Enrolling page.

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