Faculty Grievance and Appeal Committee

Reporting Structure

The faculty grievance and appeal committee shall report to the president through the provost.

Composition and Terms - Faculty Bylaws Article XVIII Standing Committees, Section B.1

The committee shall consist of two (2) members from each school elected from full-time faculty having the rank of associate professor or professor. The term of service shall be two (2) years, with terms staggered so that four (4) nominations to fill vacancies shall be made by the Faculty Senate. Department chairs and deans cannot serve and there shall be no ex-officio members.


The committee shall receive written appeals from faculty members and conduct hearings, as described in Faculty Bylaws Article XII - Appeals; Article XIII - Faculty Misconduct and Article XV - Financial Exigency, as appropriate.


Copies of minutes of the meetings of this committee shall be available only to committee members, the appealing faculty member and the administrator whose decision was appealed.

Committee support: Shay.Singleterry@unthsc.edu

Faculty Grievance and Appeal Committee FY15

Member Title Department School  Term Begins  Term Expires
Patricia Gwirtz, PhD, Chair  Professor  Integrative Physiology and Anatomy  GSBS 9/1/2013 8/31/2015
Patrick Clay, PharmD  Professor   Pharmacotherapy  SCP 9/1/2013 8/31/2015
Jessica Hartos, PhD  Associate Professor  Physician Assistant Studies  SHP  9/1/2014 8/31/2016 
Lisa Hodge, PhD  Associate Professor  Cell Biology & Immunology  GSBS 9/1/2014  8/31/2016 
Lisa Killam-Worrall, PharmD  Associate Professor  Pharmacotherapy  SCP 9/1/2013 8/31/2015
Victor Kosmopoulos, PhD  Associate Professor  Orthopaedic Surgery  TCOM 9/1/2014  8/31/2016 
Yasser Salem, PT, PhD  Associate Professor  Physical Therapy Program  SHP 9/1/2013 8/31/2015
John Schetz, PhD  Associate Professor  Pharmacology & Neuroscience  GSBS 9/1/2014  8/31/2016 
Damon Schranz, DO  Associate Professor  Family Medicine  TCOM 9/1/2014  8/31/2016 
Emily Spence-Almaguer, PhD   Associate Professor  Behavioral & Community Health  SPH 9/1/2013 8/31/2015
Sumihiro Suzuki, PhD   Associate Professor  Biostatistics & Immunology  SPH 9/1/2014  8/31/2016 
Alternate Members
Rance Berg, PhD  Associate Professor  Cell Biology & Immunology  GSBS 9/1/2014  8/31/2016 
Harvey Brenner, PhD  Professor  Behavioral & Community Health  SPH 9/1/2013 8/31/2015
James Hall, PhD  Professor  Psychiatry & Behavioral Health  TCOM 9/1/2014 8/31/2016
Howe Liu, MPT, PhD, MS, MD   Associate Professor  Physical Therapy  SHP 9/1/2014  8/31/2016 
Robert Luedtke, PhD  Professor  Pharmacology & Neuroscience  GSBS 9/1/2014 8/31/2016 
Kristine Lykens, PhD, MPA  Associate Professor  Health Management & Policy  SPH 9/1/2014  8/31/2016
Tina Machu, PhD   Professor  Pharmaceutical Sciences  SCP 9/1/2014 8/31/2016 
Michael Oglesby, PhD  Professor  Medical Education/Academic Affairs  TCOM 9/1/2014  8/31/2016 
Katalin Prokai, PhD  Associate Professor  Pharmaceutical Sciences  SCP 9/1/2013 8/31/2015
Myla Quiben, PT, PhD  Associate Professor  Physical Therapy  SHP 9/1/2014  8/31/2016 

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