Bylaws of the Faculty

The UNTHSC Faculty Bylaws were revised by the Faculty Bylaws Committee and have been approved by the Provost, and Interim President, effective March 5, 2013.  Please see the links below to view/download the entire bylaws or individual articles.

Full Version: UNTHSC Faculty Bylaws 3/5/2013

Article I:  Organization

Article II:  
The Faculty

Article III:  Academic Freedom and Responsibility

Article IV:  Faculty Rank

Article V:  Appointment

Article VI :  Evaluation of Faculty

Article VII:  Reappointment of Faculty

Article VIII:  Salary & Merit Raises

Article IX:  Promotion

Article X:  Tenure

Article XI:  Post Tenure Review

Article XII:  Appeals

Article XIII:  Faculty Misconduct

Article XIV:  Grievance by a Faculty Member

Article XV:  Financial Exigency or Phasing Out of Programs

Article XVI:  The Faculty Assembly

Article XVII:  Faculty Senate

Article XVIII:  Standing Committees

Article XIX:  Modifications of Procedures

Article XX:  Amendments to Faculty Bylaws 

College/School Faculty Bylaws

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