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PharmD Program

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How long will it take to graduate?
The Pharm.D. program is a four (4) year program.

How important is it that I have a pharmacy technician certification or an actual job in a pharmacy prior to applying?
While it is not necessary to have a Pharmacy Technician certification or an actual job in a pharmacy prior to applying, it would be helpful to know something about the profession.

Could you describe the curriculum?
The specifics of the curriculum are on the website. In general, however the Pharm.D. curriculum will be a mix of classroom and laboratory instruction, as well as pharmacy practice experiences, in which students will work in local pharmacies, hospitals, etc. Because the program will be delivered at the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth. Pharmacy students will have the opportunity to work with students training in other areas of health care, such as medical students, physician assistant students, and physical therapy students.

How many students will be admitted?
We can accept up to 100 students

Will you offer online courses?
No distance learning courses will be offered. 

Will I be able to work and go to school?
No.  It is not recommended due to the rigorous curriculum. 

Can I be a part-time student?

What is your tuition?
Please go to our Cost and Financial Aid link: Cost & Financial Aid

Can I apply for financial aid?

Will scholarships be available?
A limited number of UNTHSC scholarships will be available. Please check deadlines with Financial Aid.

Is housing available for students?
No, but students may find housing information at the Official Off-Campus Housing Listing Service offered for the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

If I have further questions, who can I contact?

Questions not addressed by the FAQ's should be submitted to the following email address:

Admissions staff will attempt to respond to your question(s) within 24-hours.

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